Sports and Your Feet

Organized sports can be both beneficial and devastating to your feet. If you have an existing foot problem, contact our office first.

Here are a few tips for the major kinds of sports

Baseball and Your Feet

If you don`t prepare properly and exercise good technique, you can injure your lower extremities, including your feet. If you are a casual weekend player, take it slow before jumping […]

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Basketball and Your Feet

Basketball puts tremendous pressure on your foot and ankle. Acute injury from sudden and forceful blows, or chronic injury, which develops slowly and becomes aggravated over an extended period of […]

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Cycling and Your Feet

Cycling is a very effective form of fitness that can improve your cardiovascular health. When seated on a bike with hands on the handlebars, the hands, shoulders, and front axle […]

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Tennis and Your Feet

Amateur and professional tennis players alike are prone to injuries of the foot and ankle, both of which suffer from repeated lateral motions and quick stopping and starting. Common tennis […]

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Golf and Your Feet

The intricate movements involved during an ordinary golf swing all put pressure on pose problems for your feet. Biomechanics, the application of mechanical laws to living structures such as the […]

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Winter Sports and Your Feet

Winter sports – from hockey and skiing to ice skating – can pose a lot of hazards for your feet. The most important thing to do before embarking in winter […]

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