Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a deformity of the big toe joint that is often painful and may require surgery to correct. Many people think there’s nothing they can do about this painful condition. However, when you see the experienced podiatrists at Chicago Foot Care Clinic, we can provide the options you need, including bunion surgery, such as the Swiss bunion technique, to help get you back to living with painless feet. We understand how important it is to be able to walk without pain, which is why our foot and ankle clinic provides the care you need.

Types of Bunion Treatment

We perform a number of bunion surgeries. When you make an appointment with our foot doctor serving patients in Chicago, Gurnee and Fox Lake, IL, we will go over all the options you have available to you. We will also go over your personal health history so we can make the right recommendations to ensure reduced risks.

For most patients, getting bunion surgery will require making an incision on top of or to the side of the joint of the big toe. We will then align or remove soft tissue bone, which will alleviate the pain and realign the joint. Our foot surgeon may use small wires, screws or even stitches to stabilize joints suffer from a severe deformity. Our foot surgeon takes great pride in completing this procedure with as little disruption to daily life as possible. Our patients are our top priority, which is why we go over all the risks and benefits before scheduling your procedure so you can make the most informed decision possible.

We Care for Your Feet

When you turn to us for bunion surgery or other treatment options, you can count on getting the specialized care you need. Our podiatrists have the skills and experience necessary to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Suffering from bunions isn’t a pleasant experience, and we want to make sure all of our patients can go about their daily lives without experiencing pain in their feet.

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