Corn Removal

Many people are familiar with calluses. However, most people think about only getting them on their hands from yard work or other manual labor. When it comes to your feet, calluses aren’t the only problem you can encounter. Corns can also develop, creating painful or uncomfortable areas, especially when you’re wearing shoes. At the Chicago Foot Care Clinic, our podiatrists are ready to help you with corn and calluses treatment so you can remove foot calluses and corns without concern.

Experienced Corn Removal

We can perform corn removal during a simple office visit. Our experienced foot specialist will shave off dead layers of skin using a scalpel. While some people attempt to complete this type of procedure on their own, those who have poor eyesight or circulation should seek professional assistance to avoid complications. Our foot and ankle clinic serving residents in Chicago, Gurnee and Fox Lake, IL, have the experience necessary to perform this procedure safely and effectively. It’s better to see a qualified foot doctor than to attempt to perform this procedure on your own feet. Our foot specialist has seen many cases like yours and will be able to guide you toward preventing further issues in the future. Having corn removal performed by a foot surgeon will also reduce your risk of infection or other complications that can result when the procedure isn’t performed properly.

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If you’ve been dealing with foot calluses or corns, you don’t have to continue to suffer. Turn to our experienced foot specialists to ensure your corns and calluses are safely and effectively removed so you can enjoy happy, healthy feet once again.

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