Toe Surgery

Many people don’t think of their feet when it comes to medical care. However, foot problems are common and can be easily resolved by seeing a foot doctor at a foot and ankle clinic in Chicago, Gurnee and Fox Lake, IL. When you see our podiatrists for toe treatment, you can restore the function and comfort in your feet that you deserve.

Common Toe Problems

There are many toe problems that may require toe surgery from qualified foot surgeons, including:

  • Bunions, which are caused by bone and tissue enlargement at the big toe joint.
  • Hammertoes, often caused by imbalances of the joints or tendons in the toes.
  • Neuromas, which consist of nerve irritation, often located between the third and fourth toes, but can also be found in other areas.
  • Bone spurs, which occur when bones beneath the toenail plate grow beyond where they should, resulting in pain and deformities.

Neuromas are the result of an abnormality in the nerves of the foot. These nerves may have been damaged due to an abnormality or some form of trauma. They are most often located in the ball of the foot and can cause inflammation or a pinched nerve. If you’ve been suffering from neuromas, you don’t have to anymore. Our foot specialist will provide you with the toe surgery you need to resolve this issue so you can move around with less pain.

When you undergo toe surgery for neuromas, we will make an incision along the top of the foot where the neuroma is located. The most common areas for the incision include between the second and third toes or the third and fourth toes. Once we locate the nerve, our foot surgeon will remove it.

In addition to treating neuromas, our foot surgeon can help with other similar issues, such as hammertoes. Our Chicago, Gurnee and Fox Lake, IL, foot and ankle clinic has the experience necessary to help straighten out the toe and ensure you move around more comfortably. Our podiatrists are dedicated to providing the top quality care you deserve. We strive to make sure our patients go through life with less pain and discomfort in their feet.

Get the Care You Need

If you’ve been experiencing any to problems like neuromas or hammertoes, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our foot specialist is ready to provide you with the necessary treatment to eliminate any pain and discomfort in your feet.

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