Arch and Ball Problems

Often, arch and ball pain is a result of overuse, improper footwear, injury, or weight gain. If you experience arch pain or pain the the ball of your foot for more than a few days, see a foot doctor for treatment and prevention options. For more information on arch and ball foot problems select from the conditions below.

Flat Feet (over pronation)

Flat feet are a common condition. In infants and toddlers, the longitudinal arch is not developed and flat feet are normal. Most feet are flexible and an arch appears when […]

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Metatarsalgia (foot pain in ball)

Foot pain in the “ball of your foot,” the area between your arch and the toes, is generally called metatarsalgia. The pain usually centers on one or more of the […]

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Plantar Fibromas (lumps in the arch of the foot)

A plantar fibroma is a benign tissue tumor or growth on the plantar, or bottom surface of the foot. Unlike plantar warts, which grow on the skin, these grow deep […]

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There are a few bones in the human body that are connected only to tendons or are embedded in muscle. These are the sesamoids. Two very small sesamoids (about the […]

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