Winter Sports and Your Feet

Winter sports – from hockey and skiing to ice skating – can pose a lot of hazards for your feet. The most important thing to do before embarking in winter sports is ensure that your feet have the proper protection. This includes insulated, waterproof boots or shoes. A single pair of thick acrylic socks help to wick” away moisture.

If your feet are exposed to wet snow or cold for an extended period of time, get back inside quickly. Always be aware of the danger of frostbite – a serious, painful condition that can result in loss of your toes.

Use spikes slipped over your running shoes if you will be running on ice for an extended period of time. Thin nylon running shoes don`t necessarily protect your feet from frostbite. Your feet usually sweat while running, and this can only accelerate the freezing effect on your feet. As a rule, try to keep your ankle perpendicular to the ground and straight up and down while skiing. Sometimes, a custom orthotic device, or show insert, will help you maintain the proper position.

Winter sports can lead to a host of foot ailments, including blisters, frostbite, neuromas, sprains and strains, bleeding under the toenail, fractures, and bunions. Other preexisting conditions, such as hammertoes, and Haglund`s Deformity (a bump on the back of the heel) can be irritated by frequent participation in winter sports. If pain persists, contact our office.

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