Cyst Removal

Cysts can be difficult to recognize. In fact, most people don’t expect to see them on their feet at all and may think they are experiencing another problem. If you suspect you may have cysts or ganglion masses on your feet, it’s important to schedule an appointment at our foot and ankle clinic serving patients in Chicago, Gurnee and Fox Lake, IL. We can perform an examination and determine if cyst removal surgery is required. If so, we will schedule your surgery with our qualified foot surgeon.

Surgical Cyst Removal

Cysts, otherwise known as ganglion masses, typically need to be removed via surgical procedure. These can often be performed as an outpatient surgery. In fact, in some cases, our foot specialist will perform the procedure at your initial appointment once the diagnosis is made.

During the cyst removal surgery, our foot surgeon will dissect the cyst from the surrounding tissues to remove it. Recovery time will depend on where the cyst was located and how much tissue was removed. Many patients will have to wear a splint or a cast from below the knee during recovery. Our foot doctor may recommend the use of crutches for several days or weeks following the surgery. This is typically required if the ganglion masses were located at or near the ankle joints.

We Provide the Care You Need

Some of the prospective complications of cyst removal may include excessive swelling, nerve damage, and infection. When you make your appointment with our foot doctor, we will go over the risks and benefits of receiving cyst removal surgery. For many patients, getting the ganglion masses or cysts removed is the best option. Our podiatrists will work with you to go over the expectations and any restrictions you will have after surgery so you can reduce your risk of experiencing these complications.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you think you have cysts or ganglion masses on your feet or ankles, it’s important to contact our foot specialists as soon as possible. We will perform an examination to determine if this is the issue you are experiencing and will then either perform the removal right at the appointment or schedule another appointment for a near date. We provide this service to patients throughout Chicago, Gurnee and Fox Lake, IL.

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